Aviwe to apologize to Dumi Mkokstad within 7 days




Artist manager Aviwe Gqomfo has been given seven days to apologize to gospel star Dumi Mkokstad following a derogatory allegation against him.

Aviwe accused Dumi of sleeping his way to the top with other men.

This brought so many reactions as many accused him of slandering Dumi.

He further alleged that Dumi did not go to the mountain for initiation as per the Xhosa culture.

According to Drum, Dumi’s legal team has given Aviwe seven days to retract and apologize for the derogatory post by Dumi’s legal team.

The outlet reports that Aviwe wrote in his post “makhe ndiye e toilet ngempundu zam ezingazange zangena ncanca yenye indoda for imali (let me go to the toilet with my bums which have never been inserted with any man’s penis for money)”