5 ways to keep the Christmas weight gain minimal



Staying fit during Christmas isn’t always an easy task. Even the gym rats and fitness gurus struggle to stay consistent in December so don’t worry, you’re not alone.

Very few disciplined people can say they are able to resist the fries, pizza and beers without flinching but for most of us, it’s another story. If your goal is to avoid going overboard for the sake of your health and fitness goals, you need to make wise decisions when it comes to your food choices.

There is a way you can eat the foods you like while keeping the extra weight off. With these five tips you will have an easier time kick-starting your fitness journey in 2023:

1. Choose water

Often during holidays, we have our meals with a drink like juice. We might even choose to have a refreshing bottle of soda while we hang out outdoors.

The issue is that these drinks are usually loaded with tons of sugar. Those empty calories are directly linked to weight gain so this is something you need to be careful with.

You don’t need to completely avoid these drinks though. You can choose to have fewer of them. Have water with your meals instead, or any other healthy alternative that won’t dump a lot of sugar in your system.

2. Watch the liquor

People also tend to drink more during festive breaks. The beers, wines and spirits might not seem as bad as other unhealthy drinks but they’re also part of the problem.

Alcoholic drinks contain a lot of hidden calories, especially those that are combined with mixers. They might also increase feelings of hunger and cravings for salty and fatty foods. When you’re tipsy and hungry, you can bet every time that your first choice will be some fast food. That is why it might be better to go easy on alcohol.

3. Take care of your emotional health

Being stressed out can also sabotage your desire to eat clean. The hormones your body releases, when you’re in that state, can contribute to weight gain, and kill your motivation to make better food choices.

If you realize that you’ve been stressed out, take care of your mind first. A healthy mind will lead to more benefits including having a better diet.

4. Get enough rest

Having poor sleep habits is connected to extra weight. And during this month of December when we’re spending many hours awake and barely getting enough sleep, the consequences will eventually show.

Try your best to get at least seven hours of rest every night to maintain a healthy weight. You will also be getting other benefits like reduced stress levels and huge health benefits for your body.

5. Don’t overthink it

The final thing to remember is, just relax. Overthinking everything and adding unnecessary guilt every time you eat a snack could make you even more stressed out and eat more.

Instead, focus on doing your best and don’t go to extremes to avoid the foods you like. At the end of the day, Christmas comes once a year so why not spoil yourself a little?

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