5 tips for s*x at your parent’s house during the holidays



Sex does not only include the act of intercourse or penetration, it is making out, kissing and even masturbation.

When we were teenagers, some of us found our way around sneaking out to meet up with the opposite sex but as adults, should we indulge? or just be bold enough to have sex while our parents are in the next room, including moaning loudly and creaking sounds from our old beds?

While the basal instinct for sex and not repressing your sexual urges might spur you to get your freak on at your parent’s house, you might want to weigh the pros and the cons of getting your freak on at your parent’s house.

There is the exhilarating feeling of bursting a quick nut knowing you might be caught. If your sex life with your partner hasn’t been so great, you might try to get your freak on at your parent’s.

One or two minutes quickie with the teenage feeling of getting caught might be good for you.

There’s also the fact that you might scar your parents and even relatives who do not want to barge in or even hear the sound you make when having sex. Think of the emotional damage you might inflict on your relatives.

Play loud music or watch a movie at the highest volume to drown out the noise and lock your doors. There’s still a chance that they’ll know what you were up to.

This can easily be remedied by planning a trip or outing for your parents/family members and having the house to yourself.

Penultimately, you can always have sex in the car, drive to somewhere discreet and isolated and engage in coitus to your satisfaction.

Lastly, you can do the responsible thing and book a room in a hotel, as you did when you still lived with your parents.

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