How to give your bathroom a makeover



When planning a home makeover, we often think of the major rooms like the sitting room, bedrooms or even the kitchen perhaps.

We look at places that we or our guests tend to spend a lot of time so that’s naturally where we focus.

A room that might be forgotten, until things start to break down, is the bathroom area. We are in there for a quick shower or skin care session then we’re out without thinking of the details.

Yet, the bathroom is one of those areas that need to look good because it can say a lot about its owner.

When there’s cobwebs everywhere, stains and worn-out parts, it subconsciously sends a message that the place is filled with dirt and bacteria.

This could be your sign that your bathroom needs a makeover right away. You don’t need to break down the walls because these five tips could give your bathroom a whole new look.

1. Bring in the pro cleaners

There is the general cleaning with soap and light stain remover which can slightly improve how your bathroom looks. But then there is professional cleaning with industrial strength cleaners which gets rid of hard water stains and discoloration around your bathroom.

What you might need is a proper cleaning session by the pros because they have access to products we can’t easily get in the supermarket.

Check online for companies that do this and try them out before deciding to do any major renovation.

2. Replace the major things slowly

Some items can’t be salvaged even after a thorough deep cleaning session. Here the only way to have the bathroom you desire is to replace severely worn-out items.

If you need to redo some tiles, replace your sink, or get a new mirror, do so in stages. It might take a while, but this strategy works when you are doing a budget makeover.

3. Replace the small things

Replacing the minor items can also improve your bathroom instantly. These could be your toilet seat, bathroom mat, shower curtain and other things that won’t break your budget.

You could buy some of these items new, but another option is to get them from thrifting spots.

4. Give your walls a new coat

With all the steam and moisture that circulates in the bathroom, the walls suffer. With time the paint becomes duller or even peels.

You can bring in someone to give your walls a paint face lift for a refreshed look. If you have some minor cracks that aren’t connected to any other issue, you could get those filled in, in the process.

If you plan to do this, choose a color that will bring in more light and a shade that will make your bathroom look expensive.

5. Add some simple décor

The bathroom isn’t the easiest room to decorate because of the moisture and water. But you can still make your space look better by getting some bathroom-friendly décor.

You can get some interesting towel hooks, a cool mat or even decorative mirrors depending on what you like.

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