When you are on your weight loss diet, there’s no need to say goodbye to your favourite foods!

You may enjoy your favourite food every day while getting leaner and healthier with each bite by just swapping your favourite food with some healthy options.

Here are some healthy food swaps:

1. Ghee instead of cooking oils

Ghee has a wide amount of good fats. It has a characteristic roasted, nutty scent in addition to a high smoke point. Because of its higher smoking point than most oils, ghee does not break fatty acid chains when used for baking or frying, unlike cooking oils, which can cause cancerous diseases by releasing harmful free radicals.

2. Eat whole food instead of juice

Over the past few years, smoothies and juices have grown in popularity. Consuming your fruits in liquid form is still only slightly better than not consuming it at all, though.

3. Swap refined grains with whole grains

For many of us, staple foods like bread, rice, and pasta are essential. Some of us simply can’t function without a daily serving of these grains. The best solution for them is to replace refined grains with whole-grain. By swapping these, you can increase your intake of fibre and raise your energy level without putting on weight.

For example if you want to eat sandwiches, you can go for whole-grain or multi-grain breads and enjoy your favourite sandwich. You can go for brown rice instead of regular rice. Verify whether the pasta or noodles are manufactured with whole grains when shopping for pasta or noodles.

4. Swap your potato fries with baked potato wedges

If you are craving for some crispy, fried potatoes then instead of frying potatoes you should bake your own potato wedges. They will give you a crispy crunch, and lower in calories and saturated fat.

You can also go for a cup of air- popped popcorn. A cup of air-popped popcorn has 30 calories and 0g of saturated fat. You can also try roasted makhana.

5. Dark chocolates for sweet craving

Healthy living does not mean that you can’t enjoy sweets. Baked goods like cookies and cakes can have a negative effect on your weight loss diet. These goods are loaded with unhealthy ingredients like sugar, butter, oils and white flour, which is deficient in fibre. Dark chocolates are an excellent food swap for satisfying your sweet craving.