Amapiano artists steal from Tik Tok creators – Sis Gugu


Sis Gugu urges Amapiano artists to credit Tik Tok creators

Sis Gugu accuses Amapiano artists of stealing from Tik Tok creators.

The socialite lamented on Twitter, urging the musicians to credit the creators.

“Everytime there’s a trend created by “regular people”, it ends up on a piano track. Hamba Ha, Re squeezeng, Inganekwane etc- I never see those creators in these credits or videos. Artists are stealing from unknown creators & we’re not speaking up for them. Please credit the kids,” she wrote.

” I just need piano artists to give credit to tik tokkers because if we’re being honest, it’s the same creators that catapult their songs on that platform. Do better,” she concluded.