Actresss Zinhle Ngwenya speaks about her calling


Zinhle Ngwenya accepts her calling to be a Sangoma

Actress Zinhle Ngwenya opens up about how she struggled with accepting her calling and how she’s been living as a sangoma.

The South African star says she denied having a calling and she suffered greatly with blindness and other misfortunes till she accepted.

“Like any other young person, at first I was in denial and ashamed. Then when I started getting sick out of the blue, I knew it was something serious, but we had no clue what was happening to me,” says Ngwenya.

“I was still in denial until weird things started happening to me… I’ll prepare for a holiday trip, book my flight, and then out of nowhere, I’d be blind. After canceling the trip, my eyesight would be restored,” she says.

Zinhle says she ended up embracing and her calling and went to the initiation school (ukuthwasa) in Mozambique at a place called Mamboni where she went through the spiritual and herbal training.

She claims to be a decent Sangoma who doesn’t misuse her power.

Ngwenya who has embraced being a traditional healer and actress says she’s helped people to heal from sickness, and people who unable to have their child.


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