These are the weirdest dating habits in the world!



Love is all about accepting the weird and awkward flaws of your partner. And in some parts of the world, people took it quite literally!
Many communities or tribes follow weird dating traditions that prove if the love between two people is real or not. Wondering what these might be?
We bring to you a list of the weirdest dating habits in the world!

1. Poland

On Dyngus Day, girls and boys spray each other water or perfume as a sign that two people like each other. Some surprise their crush with a very scented perfume, as a sign that they want to be in a relationship with them.

2. China

In China, during the Sisters’ Meal Festival, Miao girls give their potential suitors a bowl of colourful rice. Hidden underneath the rice is the clue if the girl likes the suitor or not. If there’s garlic or pepper inside. It’s a hard no. If there’s one chopstick, it means she is turning him down gently. If it’s a pine needle, she is unsure of her decision and if it’s two chopsticks, it’s a big, fat yes!

3. Croatia

A potential groom presents his bride with an obilizje i.e an apple with a coin stuck inside it. This tradition is a way of proposing marriage to a potential partner.

4. Indonesia

Before getting married, the people of Bali get their teeth filed. It is believed that filing of the teeth controls ‘evil’ things that blow up a marriage such as greed, selfishness, lust etc. The filing prevents the marriage from getting overtaken by such negative feelings in the future.

5. Armenia

On the eve of the festival, St Sarkis, the saint of young love, single women engage in the tradition of eating a slice of Aghablit i.e salty bread. They then go to bed thirsty. The idea behind this action is to dream of a man who will quench their thirst and this man may turn out to be their future spouse.

6. South Korea

Men like to carry their lady love’s handbag when they go out together. They want to show their support with the help of this gesture. They also like to carry grocery or shopping bags to let their woman look as feminine as possible.