A beginner’s guide to exploring Mauritius for the first time



This African island offers stunning beaches, exotic cultural mix, sunsets and winds, jungles, waterfalls and lot of street food for a fulfilling Mauritius holidays!

Mauritius is located just off the coast of Africa close to Madagascar. Port Louis—the Island’s capital city is where you should start exploring this gem of an island. Port Louis is a beautiful town with excellent infrastructure and in general, there is an air of development and tranquility across its towns and cities. Check out the Island’s popular Port Louis Market where you’ll find some of the freshest fishes to clothing—local or foreign fabric. Stroll along the Caudan Waterfront shops on your Mauritius holidays to mingle with the locals and soak in the environment.

Mauritius tourist places like Grand Baie thrive on loads of superb restaurants, trendy nightclubs, charming watering holes. Talk about palm trees, coral reefs, white sands that dot this island make it one of the most luxury beach destinations. The calmest beaches happen to be the best places to visit in Mauritius and are centered in the west of the Island. In the south are hidden, rocky coves, while the east is simply perfect for windsurfing. It could be fun lounging around on the beach, sipping cocktails with little umbrellas in them and snorkelling on the reefs.

Looking for some adventure on your Mauritius holidays? Rent a quad bike and hop around the mountains inland. These forested mountains make for one of the most memorable bikes rides you will ever have- the perfect recipe for a couple if you choose to come here on a Mauritius honeymoon! They equally provide clear views across the whole of the island.

If you’re a tea enthusiast you could take a guided tour through the tea plantation. Make sure you dine at their terrace restaurant – it offers stunning panoramic views of Mauritius holiday places and an extensive variety of teas on the menu. Also, Mauritius is an endlessly fascinating blend of varied cultures. This rich diversity manifests itself in traditions and languages. English might be the official language but Creole, Hindi, French, and Bhojpuri are widely spoken in the country. Similarly, you will find churches, mosques, temples, and Chinese pagodas scattered around the island.

Make sure you explore intricately carved Mauritian temples, educate yourself about colorful Mauritian folklore and festivals, and participate in the energetic Sega dance.

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