7 relationship mistakes people with anxiety make the most



Being in a relationship is a beautiful feeling that gives you immense happiness. But not when the person you are dating has an anxiety disorder.

We are not saying one should never date a person suffering from anxiety, but it can be a difficult task.

If you have an anxiety disorder, you know that it can make your life difficult. Not only that, but it also changes how you see and perceive things.

You start to feel insecure, annoyed and angry all the time. It might seem that the world is conspiring against you to put you down. But that’s not true.

Anxiety is a mental health issue that can be fixed if taken care of in time. All you need to do is reach out and seek help.

It is important to address the issue as soon as you can to avoid it from ruining your professional and personal relationships.

Here are some mistakes people with anxiety make in a relationship and how they can fix it

1. A person with anxiety is unable is to fully be present at the moment. And it can be bad for your relationship. Your inability to connect can make your partner feel neglected, which in turn can lead to arguments. But it can be fixed. For one, try to seek professional help and try to be as attentive as possible with your partner.

2. Controlling their life is one-way people deal with anxiety. And unknowingly, you might try to control and manipulate your partner s well. This can lead to conflicts between you two. To fix this, you need to seek healthier ways to soothe yourself like meditation.

3. Anxiety can make you feel that everything is going out of control, the same goes for relationships. You might feel insecure and have trust issues, which ultimately ruins your relationship.

4. One of the worst side effects of anxiety is you take everything personally. Assuming the worst and jumping to conclusions are some of the things people with anxiety do. What you might think is offensive might be just a friendly joke. Calm down and try to understand the situation before lashing out or cutting yourself off from your partner.

5. While most people overthink, it’s a whole different level with people suffering from anxiety. You overthink to a point where you ruin everything for yourself. You might be concerned about the outcome before resolving the issue at point. It can be difficult, but being honest with your partner might help.

6. From doubting to your relationship to venting to an unhealthy degree, you might do all of this if you suffer from anxiety. While its OK to vent it all out, doing it often can be the doom of your relationship. Negative self-talk can make things worse. Try to be rational, if possible. If not, then seek professional help to sort things out with yourself first before you fix the relationship.

7. Yes, your partner should understand that you suffer from anxiety and might behave a bit aggressively. But you can’t expect them to fix it for you or keep taking all that comes at them. You are putting them in a situation they are not meant to occupy. It is not fair to your partner to cure you of something that if not in their control.

What you should do: 

Deep breathing, meditation, yoga, eating a healthy diet, exercising and taking professional help are some of the ways you can handle anxiety. Anxiety will not only suck the life out of you but your relationships as well. Seek help before it gets worse.

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