8 types of men you’re likely to meet in your 20s



Popular opinion states that our twenties are the happiest days of our lives.

You are supposed to be carefree, enjoy your work, travel, eat well and explore all your romantic options because the “world is your oyster.

Though it may not be the smoothest, most satisfying experience of your life, all the men you date in your twenties play a major role in the way you perceive relationships in the future.

While some maybe utter jerks, there are also some who will broaden your mind and widen your perspective of life… and then, there are some who will do both.

But nevertheless, they’ll all leave you with a lesson. Let’s take a look at the 8 types of men you’re most likely to come across during this period…

1. The player

We ranked this as number one since he’s exactly the prototype your mother warned you against. You probably knew his reputation before you started dating him, but you tried anyway. He’s the guy who has 10 chicks on speed dial and calls everybody “baby” in order to avoid confusion. Uh… thank you, next!

2. The emotional manipulator

A close second (for some the 1st), the emotional manipulator has you in his grasp. He takes the time out to know you well, only so he can use it to his advantage. Everything he says or does is designed to induce feelings of guilt, insecurity, regret or vulnerability – it’s what he feeds on! He has an unexplainable hold over you and knows all your weaknesses like the back of his hand.

3. The older guy

Typically the type of person you meet after a troublesome run with younger, indecisive men; the older guy is a breath of fresh air! He’s mature, gives you space and is great in bed. He seems like the kind of man you’d like to have babies with, until boom! the novelty wears off and you realise – he’s got no patience to deal with kids like you. Pfhh!

4. The true friend with benefits

This is a great guy, genuinely. You meet him just to hook up and keep it that way, avoiding any emotional attachments and proving to the world that you actually can have a good time without having to end in tears. It’s all about honesty and open communication on both ends. And even though you might have a brief moment of “I wish we were more than just this…” You’ll get over it and feel empowered and in control of your life after a point.

5. The baby

He’s confused about everything. He doesn’t know what he wants or where he’s headed, be it his love life or his career. His mummy calls him 10927 times a day and he answers every call diligently. He gets to work late because he sucks at adulting and will trade hot sex and a late night film for a game of Fifa and some beer. He has a heart of gold but he’s not emotionally equipped to handle you just yet.

6. The too-good-to-be-true guy

He texts you “Good morning” and wishes you “Good night.” He’s so excessively nice it makes you want to puke. He talks about marriage and will agree with anything you say or do. But who fancies a ‘yes-man’ right?

7. The Tinder guy

So you met him on an online dating app, and you’re still not sure whether he’s a serial killer or not. There are days when it seems like he has husband potential and then there are days it feels like you need 5 painkillers and the therapist to understand him.

8. The one that got away

Of course, your favourite of the lot, no matter how much he hurts you. Because it’s unrequited, this relationship will feel like THE one. He’s the thought that makes you sigh a little in the middle of all your happy moments.

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