Tipcee returns to DJ Tira


Tipcee has reportedly returned to DJ Tira and she’s currently under probation in Afrotainment record label.

A few weeks ago, it was revealed that the Gqom singer left the label in 2022 because she was not well-appreciated.

However, things didn’t happen as she expected as she encountered a heightened level of suffering upon being independent.

Thandeka “Tipcee” Ndaba has sought forgiveness and he’s embraced her back.

“She is under the Tira administration, you can say that,” the source jokes. “She’s basically under probation at the moment.”

“She left, to basically teach them a lesson. But it backfired because she lost out and was broke,” the source says.

Another source revealed that Ndaba fought with the DJ’s sister because of man.

“That’s where it all began. They dated the same guy and then got into a messy fight. But Tipcee dated the guy first. Instead of addressing the guy, Tipcee attacked the guy,” the source alleges.

Speaking to ZiMoja, Tipcee says she is good.

“Hay, ngikhathele! I am tired of this story and explaining myself. She and I are fine, Tira and I are also fine,” she says.

While Tira revealed that he doesn’t abandon his artists.

“You know me, I never abandon my artists. Tipcee is trying to make a comeback. She and her are good. I don’t know anything about a fight between her and my sister. I’m just dealing with the music.”

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