American star, Benny the Butcher plans to visit South Africa


Benny the Butcher says he will be coming to South Africa soon.

The American rapper tweeted about his plans and a few people have encouraged him to go ahead, assuring him of the beautiful experience.

“I’m goin to South Africa this year no matter what, even if it’s jus to vibe and see the country,” he tweeted.

SA musician Towdeemac gave Benny a name, Motlhabapudi.

Meanwhile, a few persons urged him not to come due to the loadshedding and insecurity.

“Please don’t come. Crime is too high here, and there is no electricity. It’s a mess. Shortage of water too. Ke mathata fela, chomi,” a tweep wrote.

“Please come around September or October, right now don’t come. We still broke and hurt with the issue of AKA and Costa. Plus we have our own issues of Loadshedding,” another wrote.

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