“It’s all fake,” J Molley talks about his lavish lifestyle


J Molley gets candid with people about his lavish lifestyle

J Molley gets real about his lifestyle.

The rapper says the lavish lifestyle is all for social media, as it’s all fake.

“Just want to keep it 100 with you guys, I know I talk all my sh*t with flexing, but you know that’s not me, that’s all fake,” he said. “This money sh*t it ain’t sh*t, money does not bring you happiness, so I have money, I’m in a hotel so what?”

Molley says money is nothing, as one can be rich now and be broke the next.

“You think I’m more happier than you guys, at your mom’s houses? No, I have no one here I’m alone and whoever comes through is not gonna be a real person unless it’s my money or my fame.”

“This sh*t is nothing, and it doesn’t last, I could be rich right now but in three months I could be dope broke. Money is fickle, money comes and goes, it ain’t sh*t, it doesn’t buy you happiness, it doesn’t add anything, we all die, all buried in the same f*cking ground and we are left with nothing at the end of it all,” he said.


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