6 tips to make a woman happy without money



Forget about the old adage of having to pamper your woman with cash to make her happy.

Although money is of great importance for the success of every relationship, it is still possible for two lovebirds to live happily without money.

Make use of these tips to make your woman happy without spending a dime:

1. Be sincere

Your million dollars cannot buy her happiness. Women appreciate men who are honest with them and nothing puts her off than a dishonest man. If you do not like her outfit, makeup or some habits, just let her know instead of giving a forced compliment.

2. Compliments

We all love compliments but women in particular have a soft spot for guys who compliment them. Make the effort to remind her how beautiful she is and let her new looks never go unnoticed. Even though she already knows she is pretty, it hurts not to repeat it over and over again if that’s what makes her happy.

3. Make her dinner

While most men do not like cooking, most women appreciate a man who has the skills. Learn how to make her favorite food and let her lie on the couch as you get busy in the kitchen once in a while. Offering to cook or do the dishes for her shows that you are a caring and romantic guy and that’s the desire of every woman.

4. Get her flowers

Go out to the garden, pick some flowers and make her a beautiful bouquet. Have the flowers dropped at her desk at work with a small handwritten note with a sweet message. This will definitely light up her day and you will remain in her thoughts all day.

5. Respect

Now, I can’t emphasize this enough. In the patriarchal society we are living in today, getting a man who genuinely respects a woman for who she is quite a task. Respect her space, privacy, principles, decisions and everything she does. Unless all she wants is your money, no woman can stand a disrespectful man in this age.

6. The little things mean a lot

If you hang around your boys all year round and she complains, you will think she is getting petty. But honestly, it is those very little things that matter most to women. Listen to her, be there for her, open the door for her appreciate her efforts.

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