How to prevent cut fruit from turning brown



A lot of us always have the same problems with our fruits going bad when we leave them till another day.

It becomes annoying when your fruit changes colour and has that brown unsightly look.

But do not worry, here are some tips for you to see.

1. Coat them with an acidic juice such as lemon

Keep cut fruits, such as apples, pears, bananas and peaches, from turning brown by coating them with an acidic juice such as lemon, orange or pineapple juice.

2. Mix them with acidic fruits like oranges

Another method to prevent browning is to mix them with acidic fruits like oranges, tangerines, grapefruit and other citrus fruit or pineapple. Prepare the acidic fruit first. Then, cut the other fruits, mixing them with in the acidic fruit as you prepare them.

3. Cut fruits as close to serving time as possible

Cover and refrigerate cut fruit until ready to serve. Refrigerate peeled/cut fruits and vegetables so they are at room temperature no longer than 2 hours.

4. Slice the fruit in water

There’s no need to stop the oxidization process if it never starts! Instead of cutting fruits when dry, try slicing them while in water.

5. Soak cut fruit in ginger juice

Many women use this method to keep their apple slices looking good without affecting the flavor. Any soda with citric acid would also work; Sprite is another suggestion but this method adds extra sugar however.

6. Soak the slices in salt water

Not too much though, and not for too long.  Experts suggest soaking in a mixture of 1/2 teaspoon of salt per quart of water, for about 3-5 minutes. You will be amazed at the wonder in this.

7. Use Vitamin C!

You should get ascorbic acid/Vitamin C powder from health food stores. You can also get Vitamin C tablets which can be dissolved in water.

8. Wrap a rubber band around a sliced apple & put back together

This works because the rubber band secures the apple slices tightly together so they aren’t exposed to the air. This is a great trick if you’re packing a whole apple, but won’t help if you’re packing just a few slices or need to fit them in a container.

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