7 types of people you’ll meet at the gym



The gym is some of the most interesting places to go. One of the main reasons is there are a lot of different people you’ll end up meeting there.

Some people will be casual, some will be serious, you really never know what you’ll find.

Here are some of the most common types of people you can expect to run into at the gym.

1. The try hard

This is the person who wants to compete with everyone at the gym. They’re always trying to beat anyone around them, even themselves. They want to lift the heaviest weights and run the fastest on the treadmill. They never stop looking for the next challenge. They’re always looking to show everyone how good they are at what they’re doing.

2. The selfie fanatic 

The main reason this person goes to the gym is to get the best workout selfie they can possibly capture. You’ll find them in front of the mirror trying to get the best shot of themselves in their cool new gym outfits. These kinds of people rarely do any real exercise. However, surprisingly enough, many of them usually have pretty decent bodies, which is funny because it’s hard catching them to break a sweat on the

3. The socializer 

This person has come to the gym to socialize and try to make new friends, that’s it. They want to interact with anyone and everyone. They’re more interested in talking to people and sharing stories rather than working out. Even with headphones, you can still hear them trying to start conversations with other people. Often times you’ll find these are the “social butterflies” of their environments.

4. The grunter

The bodybuilders of the gym are usually the grunters. These are the guys who are making those grunting sounds as they’re pumping that iron. They’re normally the ones pulling the weights you only dream to lift. As much as they can be inspiring, the noises they tend to make can sometimes prove discomforting for people in their surroundings. With that said, they’re typically very open about why they’re successful in their routines.

5. The newbie 

These are the first-timers at the gym and most of them are loners. Their terrified faces and puzzled look makes them very easy to identify. Sometimes they’ll convince someone to accompany them but even then they’ll still look a bit lost and confused. Most of the time they’ll be the ones misusing the gym equipment and will rarely accept help when offered.

6. The workout partners

These are often the fittest couple at the gym. This that girlfriend and boyfriend, man and wife or best friends that have bodies to die for. You’ll normally see them roaming aimlessly around the gym with a protein shake in their hands talking about what they’re going to do after they’re done with the gym. Their excuse for not working out is they find it hard to find routines and equipment that meet both their needs. Where you’ll see them breaking a sweat is in the sauna or steam bath.

7. The yogis

Yoga has become an incredibly popular exercise worldwide. There are a lot of people who prefer doing yoga when it comes to increasing flexibility and gaining better overall health. The yogi is not too hard to spot in the gym. They’ll be the ones practising their yoga moves on a mat in front of the mirror.

They rarely come to use the gym equipment and are often just focused on body weight and movement exercises. Once in a while, you’ll see them hit the treadmill but that’s also on very rare occasions.

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