Why you should never sleep with your head facing North



Sleep is one of the most vital activities of your body, which is required to fuel you up for the next day.

Sleep re-energizes the body and helps in restoring the energy lost during the day. Thus, it is very essential to fall into a deep slumber and have sufficient hours of sleep at night.

Along with this, it is equally important to sleep in the right direction. It is usually said that you must avoid sleeping with your head pointing North, at any cost.

It is actually true and there are several reasons which back this up.

The role of magnetic field

We all know that earth and human body, both have magnetic fields of their own. Magnetic fields on the Earth are concentrated in the North and the South Pole. When you sleep with your head pointing north, your body’s magnetic field interferes with that of earth. This can fluctuate your blood pressure and can even cause heart problems. You heart needs to work harder to overcome this. If you are elderly or already a heart patient, then you might be at a higher risk of getting a hemorrhage or paralytic stroke. In fact, you can check yourself that lie down horizontally, your pulse rate drops.

Another reason is that our blood contains a lot of iron. When we sleep facing North, the magnetic pull of the direction attracts iron, which gets accumulated in the brain. This is the reason why many people complain of getting a headache when they wake up. Sleeping with your head pointing North can also disrupt your blood circulation and lead to disturbed sleep. In order to prevent such a scenario, it is better to avoid sleeping with your head facing North.

Which direction is ideal for sleeping?

East and South directions are the most ideal directions for sleeping. Sleeping with your head facing South reverses the negative effects of North direction and thus, protects you from several health problems. It keeps your blood pressure under check and also maintains a steady blood circulation.

While sleeping, you must always prefer lying down on your left side. Sleeping on the left side helps reduce heartburn and promotes a better sleep.

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