5 embarrassing things we do when we have a crush on someone



If you think you are the only person who acts weird or stupid when you have a crush on someone, you are wrong.

We all do embarrassing things when we are crushing on someone. Before we proceed to explain further, first lest’s explain what does having a crush mean?

Some people use this term to denote the experience of having a strong affection or feeling of attraction for someone, who might or might not even be aware of the other person’s feelings.

The term ‘crush’ is mostly referred to as an emotion experienced only by the young, but it does not mean adults may not have a crush.

You can be experiencing such a strong attraction for someone in your office or even a stranger whom you met just once.

But one thing that most people do when they are crushing over someone is act weird and display some embarrassing behaviour like the following:

1. Expecting a call or message all the time

When you have a crush on someone who knows you, you are constantly glued to your phone because you expect a call or message from that person all the time. And whenever your phone rings, you will leave everything to attend it. In case, the call is from someone else, you would return to your previous engagement highly disappointed.

2. Have a different ringtone for that person

Let’s see how many of you admit to having done this—setting a different ringtone, preferably a romantic one, on your mobile phone for that special someone. While you might find that ringtone sweet and endearing, for others it might be very embarrassing.

3. Getting tongue-tied when your crush greets you

Oh! come one, don’t be embarrassed if you ended up stammering or getting tongue-tied while talking to your crush. This happens to the best of us and even the greatest orator would be at a loss of words when he has to address his crush. Stammering or avoiding conversation because you fear that you would embarrass yourself, might keep you from talking to your crush. We can totally understand your predicament.

4. Stalking your crush

Whether it’s online or in real life, stalking a person becomes a habit once you have a crush on him. If your subject of interest happens to be from the same school, college or office, you would spend most of your time looking for opportunities to keep an eye on him or her. If this is not enough, you also have to deal with the temptation of stalking your crush online. This might seem very juvenile but we all are guilty of having done this at least once in our lifetime, right?

5. You know more about your crush than anyone else

If there is a quiz related to your crush, you would perhaps be the winner. From his house to where he attended schooling, you might have collected all information about your crush. And within a short amount of time, you perhaps know more about him than anyone one else in this world, barring his mother, of course.
If all these sounds familiar and very embarrassing, don’t worry, you aren’t alone. We all have been a fool, or as they say ‘blind in love’ once in a lifetime, right?

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