7 types of cheese to try on your pizza



If cheesy pizza is your forever BAE, then why not get the cheese blend right so you can make your own at home whenever you want!
If you’ve been trying to replicate that stretchy, creamy, cheesy pizza at home, try a mix of these cheeses that you’re sure to love.
1. Cheddar

Cheddar cheese has a sharp taste, and while it isn’t mostly used as a standalone cheese on pizza, it’s found in several cheese blends. This makes it one of the best cheeses for pizza. Mild cheddar is smoother and creamier than sharp varieties.
2. MozzarellaUndeniably everyone’s favourite, mozzarella cheese can be used on its own for a deliciously cheesy pizza at home. Being a versatile cheese, mozzarella blends well with several other kinds of cheese. Choose between high-moisture or low-moisture mozzarella–the former has a shorter shelf life and light flavour, while the latter has a dense flavour and melts faster when baked.

Remember to drain mozzarella before using on your pizzas, especially if you’re using it as a standalone cheese.

3. Ricotta
This cheese is the base for white sauce pizzas and is blended with other cheeses like mozzarella and gruyere for that creamy richness.
4. Parmesan

Parmesan is a hard cheese that can be shredded or shaved on top of baked pizzas. Due to the delicate flavour and dry
texture of this cheese, avoid baking it as heat can destroy its taste.
5. Goat Cheese

This cheese doesn’t melt but softens up very nicely when baked. You can add goat cheese in bits on the top of your pizza, once you’ve added the other cheese blends. Goat cheese tastes delicious on caramelised onion and spinach pizza.
6. Provolone

Depending on how long it’s been aged, the flavour of this semi-hard cheese varies greatly. As with most cheeses, provolone that’s been aged for a longer period is sharper in taste and drier in texture. If you want a sweet, creamy cheese, go for shorter aged provolone. Use on any pizza with toppings and cheeses of choice.
7. Gruyere

This hard yellow Swiss cheese starts with a sweet taste but ends with a nutty and earthy flavour owing to it being cured in brine. It melts very well and as such, is a must-have on your cheese blend pizza!

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