5 make-up rules to follow if you wear contact lenses



Women are naturally beautiful, but a little bit of make-up does end up adding to their beauty. Doesn’t it?
And, if you haven’t been able to try your hand at make-up, especially because you wear contact lenses, here’s help!
Wearing contacts is no reason to not indulge in make-up, all you need to do is simply follow some make-up rules for that on point make-up.

1. Stay away from oil based make-up

First things first, clean your hands thoroughly as dirty hands can irritate your eyes and cause an infection too. Secondly, invest in an oil-free foundation, eyeshadow and a smudge-free kohl pencil or eyeliner. Any product with great an oily consistency can spread to your eyes and cause irritation for the lenses. If possible, choose a water-based foundation, that can be simply dabbed with cotton or a brush.

2. Opt for daily lenses

Chances are that you won’t be able to rewear your lenses after putting that amount of make-up around the eyes and it can prove to be harmful as well. So, simply opt for daily lenses whenever you have to put on make-up, this way you will be able to get rid of the dirty lenses after wearing them once and protect your eyes from an impending infection.

3. Wear your lenses before applying make-up

Some people commit the mistake of wearing contact lenses after putting make-up. This, ends up smudging the eye make-up. Instead, wear your contacts prior to putting on any sort of make-up. By doing this, the lenses will get time to settle inside your eyes.

4. Use the eyeliner trick

Since you plan to wear lenses, don’t apply the eyeliner between your lashes and the eye (the waterline). Instead, apply the eyeliner on that portion of your lashes which is slightly away from your eye.

5. Choose the mascara wisely

Make sure you opt for the fiber-based mascara, as its particles might fall into the eye and irritate it further. Choose a water-based thin mascara and only apply single coat of the same to avoid the ‘cakey’ feel.

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