9 ways to stop petrol costs from leaving a hole in your pocket



After a brief pause, the prices of petrol and diesel have been rising sharply burning a big hole in a consumer’s pocket.

Whether you are a consumer who uses diesel or petrol it is important you look for ways to save petrol.

Besides having a budgeting enough money for petrol, you should also change the way in which to travel to work or other destinations.

Here are tips to help you save petrol:

1. Travel to the office in a carpool of people that you work with during the week.

2. Don’t get stuck in traffic, instead save your petrol by planning your day so you commute to work or any other destination outside peak traffic hours.

3. Speak to your employer to see if they will allow you to work few days at home instead of travelling every day to work.

4. Drive at a moderate speed when you are on the road.

5. Turn off your car’s air conditioning/heater and get into the habit of opening your window to cool down or having a jersey in the car to keep warm.

6. Plan your weekends, so you are only using your car when necessary.

7. Do all of your activities such as shopping or seeing friends in one trip.

8.  Find or change to an insurer that will reward you for driving less.

9.  Look into purchasing an economical car that will not be heavy on petrol.

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