6 toxic modern dating trends you need to be aware of



Dating is a common practice people use to look for an ideal partner.

When it comes to modern dating, we often scour dating apps, stalk a person on social media and try our best to catch a glimpse of our love interest.

Of late, a number of modern trends have emerged that have changed the dating scenario.

While some of them can be wonderful, others may not give you a good experience.

1. Ghosting

When a love interest suddenly stops interacting with you and replying to your texts then it is called ghosting. The relationship comes to an end without any formal break, apology, or explanation. The partner suddenly cuts off all forms of communication.

2. Throning

Throning is a dating trend in which people date only those who can help them improve their social status. It is another word for being married or staying in a relationship with someone who ends up boosting your reputation.

3. Insta-gator

Insta-gators are those individuals who are obsessed with overly publicizing their relationship on social media. Even if there’s trouble in paradise, the person tries to paint a different image of the relationship on the internet. It is all about showing off with no spark.

4. Breadcrumbing

Breadcrumbing, also known as benching, happens when the other person is frequently dropping hints that they are interested in you. But, that person is not ready to act on their emotions or back their feelings with actions. It gives false hope to the other person.

5. Prowling

While ghosting means cutting off all communication without any explanation, prowling refers to the comeback of the person without any explanation. The person does not intend to apologize for their behaviour but wishes to return. This brings back past memories and also messes up a lover’s will to make a decision of accepting them.

6. Orbiting

Orbiting, just like the name suggests, the person only keeps orbiting around their crush. They might never confront their feelings but always revolve around their love interest’s life. The orbiting person might not ever text you but will be the first one to like all your social media updates.