These 8 things will make your periods more comfortable



Despite the fact that we get on our menstrual cycle every month, menstrual cramps, mood swings and bloating bother us almost every single time.

For some that time of the month is extremely unbearable. Here we bring to you the most effective ways that will make your periods more comfortable.

1. Eat calcium enriched foods

Foods that are high in calcium like cheese, milk, low-fat yoghurt, spinach etc. help in reducing menstrual cramps, mood swings and food cravings. Talk to a health expert and know how much calcium your body requires during your period cycle.

2. Go for healthy snacks

Undoubtedly, fried and junk foods are harmful for our health. These foods should definitely be avoided when you are on your period. Adopt healthy eating habits, especially when your body needs utmost care. Eat healthy and more frequently as this will help in keeping your metabolism up and working. Stick to foods that are high in vitamins, eat nuts, fruits and fresh vegetables.

3. Opt for light exercises

Though it is said that you should not work out during your periods but light exercises, like walking may reduce the cramps and make you feel energetic. Avoid exercises that pressurize your abdominal area.

4. Meditation

The biggest healer of all the pains whether physical or mental is meditation. This practice can definitely make you feel relaxed and you effectively cope up with your period pain. Meditation increases your tolerance power and controls menstrual cramps and mood swings.

5. Hot water bottle

This is the most common yet effective way to get rid of period pain. Sit or lie down comfortably and put a hot water bottle over your abdominal area. You may also go for a hot bath before you go off to sleep as it soothes the cramps and makes you relaxed.

6. Stay hydrated

This sounds weird but drinking luke warm water during your periods increases blood flow and relaxes cramped muscles. You may also eat water-based foods like lettuce, cucumbers, watermelon and berries.

7. Essential oils

Massaging with essential oils helps in reducing menstrual pain. There are specific points that need massaging around your abdomen, side and back area. Consulting an expert for massaging with essential oils is always beneficial.

8. No alcohol or smoking

Try to avoid alcohol and cigarette smoking when on period. Alcohol and smoking only trigger PMS symptoms, making you feel depressed and dehydrated.

9. Relax

Though you feel uncomfortable and sometimes quite annoyed but remember it’s a natural process. So, stay calm and relax!

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