Beat the winter blues with these 5 tricks



The Winter can be pleasing and exciting, but at the same time, dreary too!

As the season changes, the temperatures drop, and daylight hours turn shorter, it is not uncommon to fall victim to the winter rut and feel less happy, dull, and depressed. We call it the winter blues!

Here are five winter diet tricks to improve immunity and beat the winter blues.

  1. Exercise And Stay Active: During winter, staying under a blanket or indoors feels comforting. But don’t forget that this comfort can also lead to a sedentary lifestyle that can risk our physical and mental health. Exercise for even 30 minutes daily can boost the body’s immune function as physical activity can promote blood circulation and flush out toxins from the body.
  2. Nutritionally Dense Diet: Maintain a healthy and nutritionally dense diet. This means maximizing nutrient intake by prioritizing food that helps boost muscle growth and provide energy. Focus on lean protein, leafy greens, whole grains, omega-3-rich foods like salmon and walnuts, and healthy fats like ghee, avocado, etc.
  3. Catch Up On Vitamin D: A sunny day in winter feels joyful. So it would be best if you took a walk out in the sun to get the necessary Vitamin D therapy. Staying indoors during winter doesn’t just make you feel more depressed and keeps you away from the fresh air and sun rays.
  4. Drink A Lot Of Fluids: During winter, the dry air can make your throat, nose, and skin feel parched. Taking adequate liquids keeps you hydrated and helps you fight winter blues symptoms.
  5. Sleep Well: Sleep deprivation can affect productivity and well-being and lead to severe illnesses. People who sleep less or struggle to sleep well find concentrating difficult.

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