Robert Marawa recounts his near-death experiences


Robert Marawa recounts his near-death experiences while on DJ Fresh’s podcast, WAW.

The Sportscaster reportedly survived heart attacks.

“In 2008 he had a heart attack after a gym session, then collapsed at an event in 2013 and was also reportedly taken to a medical facility in 2017”.

The TV personality set the record straight on the times he’s suffered a heart attack, and how he survived them

“I was not exaggerating. There have been attempts on my life. Even in the times when people were saying I was in hospital because of a heart attack and it was my third heart attack.

“I never had three heart attacks but I ended up in ICU. The two were purely cardiac and health-related. That’s the one that was a direct threat to my life but it was reported as a heart attack.

“Two heart attacks are scary. But I think that particular one made me feel like I was losing my life. I felt the presence of my life just being sucked away when I was there.”

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