Zoleka Mandela – “Things are not looking good for me”


Zoleka Mandela requests prayers as things are not looking good for her.

The businesswoman who has been battling cancer for 11 years shares update about her journey.

“She was recently hospitalised for eight nights and had to inject Neupogen to help her body make more white blood cells, which are crucial to help fight off infections, as chemotherapy and radiation, typically reduce the cell count. “Possible side effects: Bone pain, fever, diarrheoa, and weakness,” she documented,” ZiMoja explains.

“Day two, since my first chemo, the other day, was hectic! Feeling so much better this evening. Pain-free, active and I was able to make my own dinner and incorporate all the daily exercises and stretches the physio and OT departments taught me to do!” When she was discharged, she asked for continued prayers for her loved ones.”

Another tumor has been found in her brain.

“This is a very hard one for me. On Saturday morning, I collapsed at home due to another tumour found in my brain,” she said.

“Things are not looking good for me, at all and it’s important for me to continue to be honest about my journey as I vowed I would for the betterment of the cancer community,” she added.

“I ask for your continued prayers, not for me but more for My Blings ( My Riches: Zondwa, Lindo, Bambatha, and Zwelabo), for my Queenship (Those who have been there every step of the way: Thatohatsi, Jenine, Sanele, Jabulani and Sisipho), as well as My Assistant Mom, Aus’ Lerato who has been good to me and good for me, and most importantly my children – the very best of me, my lifeline and anchor: (Zwelami, Zanyiwe, Zenzile, and Zingce). As I rejoin you in prayer, for them all, I will pray for my comfort, peace acceptance.”

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