Nadia Nakai reveals why she’s never taking off the cross necklace


Nadia Nakai goes about with a cross necklace, and she’s explained the reason behind rocking the neckpiece.

The necklace belongs to her late boyfriend, Kiernan AKA Forbes who was killed on the 10th of February in Durban.

Bragga revealed on her Instagram stories that AKA was heartbroken the day she took off the necklace, hence she’s remained loyal to keeping the cross-necklace on her neck.

He once said’ “Look babe, I’ve never take off my necklace” the one day you did. 💔 Wrote Nadia Nakai.

In another post, Nadia Nakai shared a photo of herself wearing AKA‘s necklace and swore never to take it off. Bragga expressed her hope that it will protect her the way she wished it could have protected AKA. “Now I’ll never take it off, hope it protects me the way I wish it did you,” Nadia said.