Anele Mdoda defends Dineo Ranaka


Anele Mdoda defends Dineo Ranaka against those who trolled her over the mental health insitution saga.

Weeks ago, the DJ opened up about being suicidal and she later got help by being admitted in a hospital in Pretoria.

Last week, it was reported that Dineo got involved in a heated exchange with one of the health workers and discharged herself.

The news got people talking ill about the DJ; she was called a bully.

“A little grace towards Dineo, no matter how wrong you seem to believe she is. She has said, ‘I am not OK, I need light and I am going through a rough time’ — and here we are peeking into a really sensitive and fragile time,” Anele wrote on Twitter.

Meanwhile, DJ Sbu also warned people and urged them to treat the presenter nicely rather than bully her to death like it happened to the late Riky Rick.

“What has happened to us? I’m not holier than thou, I’m not better than anybody, I’ve got lots of my own mistakes as well, but since the Dineo situation happened, reminded me of Riky’s situation, which reminded of HHP situation, which reminded me of other people who are not famous who committed suicide. Dineo wrote something and said, “I now understand what you guys are going through”.

“Mental health is a serious thing. Imagine if it were to be your turn when you’re going through mental health issues and people are just rubbishing you, people are bullying you, people are pulling out all sorts of content that you might have done … what has happened to us?”

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