Zandie Khumalo reveals why she requested a media blackout at Senzo Meyiwa’s trial


Zandie Khumalo revealed why she requested a media blackout of her testimony in the Senzo Meyiwa murder trial.

Weeks ago, the singer testified in court about the night Senzo was killed, however, it was the audio that was provided to the public as she didn’t permit any recording.

“Live broadcast of the image of the witness will not be permitted. Members of electronic media are permitted to live broadcast the testimony of the witness … by means of audio. The prohibition of images of [the] witness … while she testifies shall remain in place until the finalisation of this trial,” judge Tshifhiwa Maumela ruled.

In a sit-down interview with eNCA, Zandile responded to people’s reaction to her choice.

“This is a democratic country, I was just merely exercising my rights and I feel that, that is why even the court took about two days for the plea. They found that it was actually within my rights to exercise that and I don’t know why now is it a hoo-ha that I exercise my rights since this is a democratic country.”

“My family and I, there’s no platform we haven’t been to, trying to explain exactly what happened. But it seems they choose what to listen to and they make their own decisions. So I was like, I don’t owe anybody anything right now because they’ve had their chance and now the only people that I need to testify to is just the court. Whether there is a camera there or not, I’m just there to testify. That’s all.”


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