6 cities South Africans can visit to escape load shedding



If you’re looking for a change of scenery and to forget the troubles we face as South Africans, there are plenty of places to visit where electricity isn’t rolled out in stages.

According to Travelstart, life is too short so you need to get out there an book a trip. “We love Mzansi, we really do. But we also love electricity.

So, we suggest a trip to Europe for a change of scenery. These are the most popular cities on the continent,” the travel agents.

So here are the ultimate trending cities to visit in Europe and the best time to visit these cities, according to Travelstart.

1. London

Although London has a fairly mild climate, it experiences four main seasons throughout the year. Spring (March-May) sees the city in full bloom with plenty of sunshine. Summertime (June-August) sees the city in full swing with exciting music festivals, beer gardens, rooftop bars and recreational parks creating an enticing buzz throughout London making it the best time to visit. Be aware that this is peak season for attractions, so plan ahead and book in advance to skip the agonising queues.

2. Amsterdam

Amsterdam is beautiful all year round with no extreme hot or icy cold temperatures in the city. As with most destinations though there are some periods that are better to visit than others. Summers in Europe (June to August) are an especially popular time with tourists and this is when the prices of flights and accommodation go up dramatically. Ideally, aim to visit Amsterdam before or after the summer season, when the weather is still good – March to May, or September to the end of October.

3. Istanbul

Summer, is mid-June all the way through to mid-September, the temperature surges as well as the room rates. The crowds draw in and seaside resorts are at their fullest. November through February is winter and the off-peak season, fewer crowds and less accommodation rates are applicable. Most Istanbul attractions, restaurants and shops are closed during religious festivals. First annual school holiday features during early June and late September.

4. Dublin

Dublin experiences a temperate climate, with cool summers and mild winters. Average temperatures range from 19 degrees Celsius in summer to 3 degrees Celsius in winter. Rainfall is abundant and occurs throughout the year. The best time to go is during summer (May to July). The weather is pleasant and festivals turn the city into a feverish hub of energy and Irish revelry. Notable events include: Tiger Dublin Fringe, Dublin Theatre Festival and Skerries Soundwaves Festival.

5. Paris

Paris experiences a continental climate, with steamy summers and snow-clad winters. Average temperatures range from 25 degrees Celsius in summer to 3 degrees Celsius in winter. Moderate rain falls throughout the year. The best time to visit Paris is during summer (June to August) when the weather is glorious and the city bristles with that fabled joie de vivre. However, this is peak season, so rates soar and crowds are dense. Spring (March to June) is the “other“ best time to go. Gentle temperatures caress the city and the streets bustle with café culture and street performers.

6. Frankfurt

The weather is at its best in the summer months, although temperatures can soar to the high 30s. It can get really busy during the Rheingau Wine Festival which takes part in early September and during the Museum Embankment festival at the end of August. Christmas is also a very popular time to see the city as there are Christmas markets lining the streets from mid-November to the end of December.

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