Recently, many fatal heart attack cases came to the fore and this generated a discussion around the gym habits people follow.

These people who seemed to be healthy and fit and had a regular gym routine succumbed to sudden heart attacks.

Of the several reasons, one of the most important ones was lack of warm up before workout. Let’s understand why warm-up is essential for those who go to the gym.

1. It prepares you for the workout

Warm up prepares your body for the intense workout. Many people would ask why do I need to prepare? “It is an essential part because it allows the body to gradually transit from the resting state to the higher demands (biomechanical, physiological, bio energetic) of exercise. The heart rate, breathing rate & core body temperature gradually (& not suddenly) increases, preparing the body & system for physical activity.

2. It improves the movement of the joints​

Having a good 15 minutes of warm up can prepare your joints for the upcoming session of intense activity. Throwing your body all of a sudden to heavy workout can increase the risk of potential injuries to the bones and joints.

3. It increases the elasticity of muscles​

Warm up increases the body’s temperature gradually and by the time you are done your muscles have an improved elasticity and are ready for workout. High body temperature increases the oxygen delivery to muscles and hence increases the body’s ability to do heavy impact exercises.

​4. It improves your performance​

Warm up energizes the body. It facilitates a great range of motion in the body. As a result of this, it improves the flexibility of the muscles and enhances one’s ability to perform high impact exercises.

5. ​It reduces the risk of injury​

Without a proper warm up session there is a risk of injury as the body is suddenly put to work heavily. Warm up gradually takes up the body’s strength and then puts it into doing heavy activities and thus reduces the risk of injury to sensitive areas like joints.

How to warm up properly before exercise?​

There are several ways you can prepare yourself for the gym; it is advisable to ask your trainer about it. Few common warm ups are fast paced walking, walking the stairs, jogging, arm swings, lunges and squats.

Bonus tip​

Not just warm-up, it is important to cool down after an exercise! Swimming is an excellent way to cool down after a heavy workout.