5 reasons you should apply ghee on your bottom belly



It might sound absurd at first but applying ghee on the belly-button is a very old and popular ayurvedic practice.

According to those practices, ghee is utilized in preparing a variety of medicines. It has a multiple nutritive properties when consumed and it is absolutely delicious.

Everybody is aware of the commonly known benefits but did you know that about the belly button application therapy and the benefits that it has?

Before you find out its amazing and shocking health benefits, you should understand how and why this works.

When a woman is carrying a child, the unborn baby gets all the nutrition via the placenta which is connected to the baby’s navel.

That is how the baby gets nourished and grows bigger. Thus, when ghee is massaged on to your belly button, its nutrients will enter your body in a very similar fashion.

This is the role played by the belly button and it has a huge part in keeping you healthy. Here are 5 ways this therapy can benefit you.

1. Good for skin

Massaging ghee on your bellybutton will rejuvenate your skin and give it a fresh glow. Do this regularly at night time. It will keep your skin moisturized for very long, it will reduce acnes, pimples, it will remove blemishes and give your skin an even tone and it will also improve the texture of your skin.

2. Improves hair quality

This therapy will cure problems related to fry and brittle hair. If you are facing hair-fall issues or any other problem related to hair, this would work wonders. This therapy will also enhance the quality of hair, improve its shine, reduce hair-fall.

3. Relief from joint pain

Ayurveda has provided a zillion remedies for joint pain nd most of them includes oil or ghee. This therapy will be equally beneficial for joint pian. Instead of applying the medicines that you usually use, try this.

4. Cures stomach ache and constipation

Do you struggle with the problem of constipation? It is a common issue face by a lot of people. But, ghee on your belly button can cure that. This is a very quick and easy remedy. Apply everyday and you will see positive results within a week. This therapy also cures stomach aches.

5. Relief from menstrual cramps

If massaging ghee on your belly button can cure stomach aches, then you should also know that it helps get relief from annoying menstrual cramps. Menstrual cramps can be intolerable and hinders your entire routine for the day. Try this therapy and get some relief. It is better than popping painkillers every month.

This therapy can assure you one more fact, it has absolutely no side effects. So, whether you are a believer or a cynic about ayurvedic therapies, you will not face any harm because of it.

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