Sometimes people jump into a new relationship even without realising that they aren’t yet over their ex-partner.

What is even worse is that, even after being in a new relationship, a person may still continue to be in love with their former flame.

Here are a few signs that will help you find out if your partner is still in love with their ex:

1. Online stalker

Be careful if you catch your partner stalking his or her former flame online. They do that because they are still curious about what is going on in the other person’s life and this, definitely, is not a good sign!

2. ​​Over-secretive behaviour

Sometimes, a person may not like to discuss their past love life. But there is a fine line between being over-secretive and maintaining privacy. It’s time to think twice if your partner seems uncomfortable and avoids the topic whenever you ask about their ex-lover.

3. Meets their ex-partner without your knowledge

This needs no further elaboration. Why would a person meet their former partner secretly? Obviously, they aren’t a part of Her Majesty’s Secret Service, of course! 

4. Keeps dropping their name in every conversation

This is not only irritating, but can also be a major concern for you if your partner keeps dropping their former lover’s name in most conversation.

5. Emotionally unavailable

This is a big deal breaker: You do not get the expected emotional support from your partner when needed and they never tend to understand you. If your partner may be physically present but he or she seems emotionally distant, it’s high time you should be worried about what’s going on in their life behind your back. 

6. Seeks their ex-partner’s opinion on important matters

This may sound weird but there are many people who seeks their ex-partner’s opinion regarding their current state of affair—be it personal or professional. One reason for such behaviour is that they know each other so well that mutual opinion matters a lot. The other obvious reason being, they are still in love!

7. More than ‘just’ friends

Sometimes a lot of couples prefer to remain friends even after they break-up. But it can be a nuisance when their ex-partner is a part of every occasion, be it a birthday celebration or a wild party. Sometimes the thin line that distinguishes between a lover and a friend gets more blurred, if a person is yet to get over his ex-partner.

8. Comparison

No one likes being compared to another person, it is even worse when you partner tends to compare you with their ex. Some may not do it intentionally, but if he or she is still not over that relationship, it’s not a big surprise that they would keep comparing their former partner with the present one.