Pabi Cooper reflects on her journey to success


Paballo Basetsana Mothapo, famously known as Pabi Cooper is excited for achieving her dreams.

Taking to Instagram, the entertainer reflects on her journey to success which inspired her followers.

She talked about her passion for football and how she evolved into being a singer.

In the process of pursuing these dreams, Pabi has bagged deals that gained her more income.

Here’s a little note she wrote while reflecting:

“It all started as a dream. I wanted to pursue my passion for football and ended up becoming a performer! Fast forward a few years and I am living that dream, still constantly working on my first love for football but I have also traveled the world, I became brand ambassador for one of my favourite brands @shieldza, I pulled off Cooper FC Shutdown, was nominated for a prestigious international award for my music and performed on global stages. And watching @banyana.banyana fight to make it to the knockout stage inspired me so much! Just like our national team, I am #NotDoneYet and this is only the beginning!”

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