Some African states are progressing, SA is regressing – K.O


K.O on the poor state of the country, SA

K.O, real name Ntokozo Mdluli lamented about the poor state of the country, South Africa.

In tweets shared on his Twitter account, the rapper said the country is becoming a failure as the leaders are not working towards progressing the state of the country.

“Avoiding failure is avoiding progress. Comfort zone is nothing but a pit stop. Fail forward,” he tweeted.

K.O further claimed that other African countries are progressing, but it’s the opposite for SA.

“Apartheid was inhumane and deserved to be abolished. Thank you for democracy but damn, did we deserve this type of leadership?? Watching the decay and degeneration of this country in real time is crushing. Some African states are progressing, we’re regressing… Lord help us.”

Just like K.O, Mpho Wabadimo poured out her heart in a video shared on Instagram days ago.

The businesswoman called on the South African government to do the needful and not destroy the country.

“South Africa, we need to stand up” or “The Government must act NOW”.Kuningi 😪Kudlaliwe ngathi 😿 South Africa is currently a vulnerable state but could very easily become a failed state by 2030 – where crucial political and economic systems collapse to the point that the government loses all control.As it currently stands, critical systems in the country, such as service delivery, economic growth and equal development, are hanging on by a thread,” she wrote.

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