Rickelle Jones explains the the Designs On A-Reece’s merch


Rickelle Jones on A-Reece’s merch

Rickelle Jones takes time out to give a detailed breakdown of her boyfriend, A-Reece’s merch.

Taking to her YouTube channel, she dropped a video for the purpose of explaining to fans.

“We got A-Reece Brand Merch, as you can see, A-Reece Brand Merch has the A-Reece Alias, which is of course the stage name he goes by, and then we got the Young King which is being forever. Then we have TheBoyDoingThings you can find on Instagram and the name he goes by in the streets, “The Rap god, that’s the front,” Rickelle said.

Speaking about the graphics, she said, “And then the back, we put some fire on it, as you can see its not the perfect fire flame but we want that authentic feel like as if we were sitting down and drawing it and you are conceptualizing it.”

“Now we got a little A-Reece signature in there and when I say little I’m always having an argument as to why he’s always doing his signature bigger than the page. So we got the A-Reeece 97 and then we have the “Best In Africa.” I applied that when I thought Okay A-Reece could never get a face tattoo why not put it on the design? Then the X and O right now it is Reece in silent mode, he’s not saying much. We are crossing out the mouth, the music speaks for its own,” she added.

“As you can see in the back we have the viewing of the underdog, now this is also in A-Reece’s handwriting and the reason why we wanted that is because we know how much you’re in touch with the music so we wanted you all to feel like okay cool he’s also involved in his design,” Rickelle said.

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