Do you know the most popular birthdays in the world? The answer might surprise you



Having a birthday mate is one of the best things; it feels like you have met your other half.

The “birthday paradox” states that in a random group of 23 people, there is a 50% chance that two people will share a birthday, and if more than that, it becomes increasingly likely that a matching pair exists.

The most common birthday is September 9. It is followed by September 19th and September 12th.

Almost all of the birthdays in the entire top 10 list consist of September birthdays. If you count backwards, you’d realise that conception typically happens in December, when people have taken a break from work and are on holiday. The holiday festivities lead to more sexual activities, it seems.

According to World Atlas, here are the top 10 most popular birthdays:

  1. September 9th
  2. September 19th
  3. September 12th
  4. September 17th
  5. September 10th
  6. July 7th
  7. September 20th
  8. September 15th
  9. September 16th
  10. September 18th

Apart from September, here’s a list of the most popular to the least popular birth months.

  1. August is the most common birth month, with just under 7,600,000 births in August between 1994 and 2014.
  2. July
  3. September
  4. October
  5. May
  6. December
  7. March
  8. January
  9. November
  10. April
  11. February

The leap Day, February 29, is the least common birthday due to its frequency of once every four years, while Christmas Day, December 25, is the rarest birthday among the 365 annual calendar days.

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