How to use aloe vera to stop hair fall



Aloe vera is a natural remedy that can be used to help reduce hair fall and promote a healthy scalp.

Here is a step-by-step guide on how to use aloe vera for this purpose:


  • Aloe vera leaf or pure aloe vera gel (store-bought)


  • Knife
  • Blender or spoon
  • Mixing bowl
  • Shower cap or plastic wrap (optional)


1. Select and Prepare the Aloe Vera:

    • If you have an aloe vera plant, cut a fresh leaf from it. Otherwise, you can use store-bought pure aloe vera gel.
    • If using a fresh leaf, make sure to wash it thoroughly to remove any dirt or debris.

2. Extract the Gel:

      • For a fresh leaf, carefully slice off the spiky edges and then cut it lengthwise to reveal the inner gel. Using a spoon, scoop out the gel and place it in a bowl.
      • If using store-bought aloe vera gel, simply measure out the desired amount.

3. Blend (Optional):

    • If you have extracted the gel from a fresh leaf, you can use a blender to ensure a smooth consistency. Blend until you have a uniform gel.

4. Prepare the Hair:

    • Before applying the aloe vera, make sure your hair is clean and damp. You can either wash your hair with a gentle shampoo and towel-dry it or spritz it with some water.

5. Application:

    • Using your fingers or a brush, apply the aloe vera gel directly onto your scalp. Start from the roots and work your way to the tips of your hair.
    • Massage your scalp gently for about 5-10 minutes. This helps stimulate blood flow, which can further promote hair growth.Your body will instantly regenerate after consuming it in the morning, and you’ll be ready to tackle the day. Additionally, aloe juice can be quite beneficial for people with skin issues.

6. Wait and Rinse:

    • Leave the aloe vera gel on your scalp for about 30 minutes to an hour. If you have the time, you can even leave it on overnight.
    • Rinse your hair thoroughly with lukewarm water. You can use a mild shampoo if you prefer.

7. Optional: Conditioner (Skip if not needed):

    • Depending on your hair type, you may choose to apply a conditioner to the lengths of your hair after rinsing out the aloe vera.

8. Repeat:

    • For best results, use aloe vera on your scalp regularly. You can do this 2-3 times a week, depending on your preference and schedule.

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