When it comes to sex and sexual health, we count on a lot of beliefs.

Peeing right before having sex is one of the pervasive pieces of advice that most women get.

But how correct is it to follow this practice, we unveil it here.

What studies claim

The agony of that burning sensation and feeling a frequent urge to pee is quite distressing. The main reason that makes you face such an ordeal is the infection called urinary tract infection or UTI. There are various causes of UTI but peeing right before having sex can also be responsible for this problem. While you might be under the impression that peeing before sex is practical but what experts claim might surprise you.

Peeing before sex?

According to studies, women who urinate before having sex are more prone to developing a urinary tract infection. This nullifies all the advice that you have got so far about peeing before sex and proves that it does more harm than good.

Are you itchy after sex?

Studies claim that urinating before sex is the main cause of post-coital urinary tract infections, which are also referred to as honeymoon cystitis. Experts say that these bacteria contain small pilli, which enable them to stick to with the urethral lining.

How does it benefit

It’s wise to pee after sex as it helps in removing bacteria. This also prevents bacterial growth as it prevents it from moving to the bladder. Your stomach stores enough urine when you wait to pee, and this helps in pushing bacteria out of your stomach.

Symptoms of UTI

UTI can cause pain or burning sensation while peeing. This is the first symptom that indicates the infection. You may also feel a frequent urge to pee. Also, if you experience cloudy, red or brown coloured urine, you must consult a doctor.