“Unathi got exactly what she deserved” – Sizwe Dhlomo


Sizwe Dhlomo claims Unathi designed her sufferings

Sizwe Dhlomo claims Unathi Nkayi deserves her current sufferings.

The Kaya FM radio presenter made this known after being slammed for his statement which reads, “It really pains me to see people suffering…”

A Twitter user dragged Dhlomo over Unathi’s ongoing legal battle against Kaya.

“When I say I hate your people GOD. Look at this one. Yekela amanga Sizwe, right now we will prove that you are the designer of UNathi’s suffering. What pain pains you lol? Not UNathi’s?” reads the tweep’s reaction.

However, Sizwe was not going to allow a Twitter user silence him, as he replied with the claim that Unathi designed her sufferings.

“Nope, definitely not hers. She’s the designer of her own suffering. She got exactly what she deserved,” he wrote.

According to City Press, It was alleged that Unathi and Sizwe were involved in a heated argument and Unathi allegedly laid a formal complaint with the HR department, accusing Sizwe of verbal abusive and unprofessional conduct after he was late for his show.

However, Nkayi was sacked from Kaya 959 and she’s batlling them legally.

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