5 facts about eggs that makes it a superfood



Eggs have become a vital part of our daily diet because of the benefits they offer.

They are an inexpensive source of good-quality protein and are one of the most versatile ingredients used in cooking.

Did you know that eggs are considered a superfood? Here are some of the reasons why.

1. Weight management

Eating eggs can improve metabolism which can be helpful for weight management. However, one must be careful with the portion size and preparation method to ensure maximum benefits.

2. Convenient

This little power food is easily one of the most convenient foods available. If you need a snack that will get you through to dinner and won’t make you crash after an hour, grab a hard-boiled egg.

You’re a hard worker, you need energy, not something that tells your body to go take a nap. If your kids are hungry, make a quick egg salad sandwich. It contains less sugar than other convenience foods, provides better energy and tastes great.

Eggs are an all-around healthier choice for just about everybody. They offer a wealth of vitamins and minerals and are readily available. They are considered one of the best foods on the planet.

3. They are good for your hair and skin

Eggs contain Vitamin B12 and sulphur, both a panacea for skin and hair-related woes.

Eggs are known to be the best source of keratin (a type of protein present in nails and hair) in terms of bioavailability – how well a nutrient is absorbed by your body.

4. Eggs do not cause heart disease

Historically, eggs have been considered unhealthy because they contain cholesterol. However, many studies have shown that the dietary cholesterol in eggs does not adversely affect cholesterol levels in the blood.

In fact, eggs raise your “good” HDL cholesterol and change your “bad” LDL cholesterol from small and dense to large, which is benign.

5. Eye health

As people age, it’s normal for their vision to start to deteriorate but there are some useful nutrients, obtained from a balanced diet,

which may help support eye health. Eggs are one example of an eye-friendly food.

The yolk contains large amounts of carotenoids, notably lutein and zeaxanthin, which are important for preventing macular degeneration and cataracts.

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