These signs will help you know if your relationship will work or not, according to a study



There’s a study done on 11,000 couples using artificial intelligence to figure out the signs of a relationship lasting or not.
Some of the factors that were studied include negative feelings, attachment anxiety, life satisfaction and depression.
Other signs were based on the partner’s commitment, appreciation, sexual satisfaction and how happy you think your partner is.
The survey results of 43 relationship studies from all over the world included interviews with 11000 couples to figure out if they stayed together or not.
Here are the factors and what they ideally mean:
1. Life satisfaction: People who feel unfulfilled with their lives are less likely to continue their relationship with their partners.
2. Constant depression and stress: Individuals who feel depressed and stressed at all times are also the ones who predict that their relationships won’t succeed and ultimately end it. When people constantly feel negative, it impacts the longevity of their relationship.

3. Anxiousness in a relationship: Attachment anxiety often stems from negative relationships in the past which can lead to feeling anxious in all of your relationships. Simply put, it is when you continually feel like your partner is going to leave you.

4. Avoiding commitment: People who have avoidant attachment styles are the ones who stay away from relationships altogether. It could be due to a lack of trust in other people or a fear of being hurt.

5. How committed is your partner: A person’s perception of their relationship mainly contributes to how long will it last. This even includes how committed you think your partner is to you. If you think your partner is in this relationship with you for good reasons, chances are that it will work out smoothly.

6. Appreciating your partner: Feeling grateful to have your partner is a good indicator that you two are going to last for a long time. Expressing how lucky you feel to have them in your life also says a lot about how much you appreciate them.
7. Sexual satisfaction: A good sex life is key to a long-lasting relationship. Physical intimacy will always indicate how comfortable you both are with each other’s perfections as well as flaws.
8. The happiness of your partner: Do you think your partner is quite happy with the relationship? Then that is it. It will surely make an impact on your overall dynamic positively.
9. Fights: How often do you two fight with each other also is a big sign that can indicate whether or not your relationship is going to survive for a long time.

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