5 fitness rules to follow if you are over 50



Exercising is important for people of all ages.

Kids, adult or older people, everyone needs to perform some kind of physical activity to stay fit and keep diseases at bay.

Exercising improves your mood, keeps your joints strong, enhances muscle flexibility and can even increase your longevity.

It is even more essential for a person to work out once they hit the age of 50 as after reaching this milestone our joints become weak and starts hurting, which can increase the risk of injury.

You may choose to perform any kind of exercise, but there are a few basic things that you must keep in mind to ensure healthy and happy ageing.

Here are 5 tips for people over 50.

1. Work on your spinal health

Hunched shoulders and back are quite common in people above 50. That is why it is important to take care of your spinal health. Our spine endures a lot throughout our life and we should take extra care of it in old age. If you can then try hanging to elongate your spine, neck and shoulder bones. Else you can perform other spine stretching exercises like lower back stretch and spinal twist.

2. Strengthen your hands

Our grip strength also tends to decrease with age. If you avoid this now, over a period of time your hands will start trembling and you may find it difficult to hold a glass firmly in your hand. To avoid this, practise grip strengthening exercises. You can perform wrist gripping exercises or even use sponge ball for it.

3. ​Hip mobility workout

Having mobile hips after the age of 50 is essential for walking and moving. Our body gets used to sitting for a long time and as a result, our hip joints become stiff and inflexible. This increases the chance of injury while walking or performing other activity. You can do squats and yoga asanas for improving your hip movement.

4. Meditation

Meditation is not only important for elderly people but is even recommended for adults. Meditation calms your mind and eases stress. It keeps numerous mental and physical health ailments at bay and increases your longevity.

5​. Balancing exercise

We all take balancing exercises for granted, but it is crucial for all, especially for older people. This mostly results in fall or injury. To avoid any such mishap perform balancing exercises like standing on one foot, walking heel to toe, or walking a line. But make sure you do it under supervision to avoid injuries.

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