5 cute animals that are actually dangerous



It is quite easy to recognise most predatory animals, especially with their scary appearance.

There are however some animals that have innocent appearances but are also deadly.

At first glance, these animals look cute and some even look cuddly. But on closer contact, some of these cute animals are quite dangerous.

Here are five cute animals that are actually dangerous;

The slow loris is a cute bijoux and big-eyed animal that live in the rainforests of South and Southeast Asia. At first glance, they look like this cute animals that are cuddly with gentle eyes. While this is true, the slow loris are actually toxic, fractious and the world’s only venomous primate.

Anytime the slow loris feel attacked, they immediately mix their toxins into their saliva and fur to harm perceived predators. Bites from these little creatures can cause extreme illness. Their venom can make the flesh rot and lead to immediate death in many cases.

Polar bears over time have been painted as cute and cuddly especially with their cute fur. But these animals can actually stalk humans and eat them. Bears have a terrifying roar and growl and can actually run very fast.

Pandas can be seen as one of the cutest animals on earth. These animals are herbivores and hence do not need to eat human flesh. But that has not stopped them from attacking humans. Pandas can inflict severe and deadly puncture wounds on humans especially when they are provoked.

Mute swans are also cute animals that are actually dangerous. They are quite territorial when it comes to their nests. Any intrusion into their territory will lead to an attack with their lengthy wings. This attack could lead to broken bones, bruises, or other injuries.

Cats might be great companions for humans but they are deadly to other animals. While cats might not attack humans, reports say cats have been linked to deaths of 2.4 billion birds. In the United States, cats have also been linked to about 12.3 billion mammalian deaths in just one year.

They can do this because they are quick, intelligent and frequently attack other smaller and weaker creatures such as birds, flies, rabbits, chickens and even dogs.

In addition to the above animals, raccoons, dolphins, kangaroos, and koalas are also cute animals that are dangerous when they feel threatened. While these animals look cute and friendly, it might be best to expect the worst when dealing with them.

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