7 hidden gems of Mauritius no one will tell you about!



Mauritius is one of the most sought-after beach honeymoon destinations in the world!

The African nation welcomes a number of tourists from across the globe who visit here in search of peace, beauty and beaches.

But you’ll be amazed to know that this island nation is so much more than its famous beaches and luxury resorts.

The island is home to some incredible places that no one talks about. So, here we will reveal some best-kept secrets of Mauritius that you can explore next time you plan a trip.

1. Pont Naturel (Natural Bridge)

Situated in South Mauritius, Pont Naturel is a two-metre-long Natural Bridge formed by a volcanic rock. A part of the Gris-Gris cliffs, this bridge is absolutely natural and is one of the most beautiful and best-kept secrets of the island nation. One can enjoy breathtaking views of the never-ending sea horizons from here. Because the sea here is so rough, swimming is not recommended in the region.

​2. Ile aux Fouquets

If peace is what you seek, Ile aux Fouquets in Mauritius is the best place for you. Marked by fortification and a lighthouse, this pretty small island is as beautiful as it gets. Many don’t know about this place, which makes it a perfect offbeat and less crowded spot!

3. Poste Lafayette

Also known as Jalsa Beach, the Poste Lafayette Beach is another hidden gem of Mauritius. It is set in the outskirts of a small village of Poste Lafayette. Though it’s a private beach, it remains open to the public. This incredible and unspoiled beach is something no one will tell you about. The rocky coastline here looks absolutely mesmerising.

4. Marie Reine de la Paix

Offering some grand views of the city, Marie Reine de la Paix or Mary, Queen of Peace is a lovely little church set on the slopes of Signal Mountain. The whole area is enveloped by pretty coloured flowers and foliage. Try visiting the place at dusk, when the place looks surreal.

5. Les Salines

Another gorgeous, less-crowded, tree-lined beach in Mauritius is Les Salines. This golden sand beach with a semi-circular shape looks like a picture postcard. It’s definitely one of Mauritius best hidden sites.

6. ​Meet Ella and Benjamin, the cute white rhinos

Yes, you read that right! Mauritius is home to Ella and Benjamin, the two very famous white rhinos from South Africa. A sanctuary is set up for these two so that more little white rhinos can be produced in future.

7. Chateau de Labourdonnais

A 1774 building, not many are aware of the existence of Chateau de Labourdonnais, not even the locals! This beautiful building was opened to the public very recently. Set on a grand 540 hectares of private land, this place is all about beautiful plants and foliage.

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