How to eat and diet like a Gen Z



One of the hippest generations are the Generation Z, those born between 1997 and 2012. As with every generation, the way they eat is quite different from other generations.

According to Food Insights, “The most-followed eating patterns among Gen Z were calorie-counting (27%), clean eating (26%), mindful eating (19%) and plant-based eating (19%).”

So what’s so special about how Gen Zs eat and diet?

For the Gen Z lot, shawarma is one of their favourite meals. But if they aren’t on team shawarma, then know that they love a lot of chicken and chips.

One thing about Gen Zs is that they won’t cook if they can help. Most of them would rather outsource to others. So, all these food delivery apps like Jumia, Orderin and Glovo are usually patronised. For those who don’t have these apps in their cities, they would rather buy from roadside vendors.

“Can you believe that I’ve not eaten all day?” For the Gen Zs, it’s an either-or thing. They can either go hours without food or eat as many times as possible.

Gen Zs love to snack. From Capri Sonne to their favourite biscuits, Gen Zs are stuck on what they ate as children, often refusing to grow up, but can you blame them? It’s hard to move on when you have such great snacks. From Maryland cookies to Fox cookies to Pringles, Gen Zs are stuck on snacks.

One thing that makes Gen Z different from others is their love for gym culture. Perhaps because they are self-obsessed and love having an amazing-looking body, they love to hit the gym and exercise. Those who don’t go to the gym usually go hiking, running, long walks or play sports during the weekend. The Gen Zs are most certainly an active and activity-obsessed generation, despite their rather poor eating habits.

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