What to look for when choosing your teen’s first smartphone



Performance is not the most important criterion when it comes to choosing a first smartphone for a teenager. Above all, it needs to be fit for its intended purpose and typical uses.

Here’s how to choose a smartphone for your teen.

1. Long-lasting battery

As young people spend a lot of time using devices, it’s a good idea to choose a phone with a fairly long battery life, and one that’s capable of staying up and running without having to be charged in the middle of the day.

2. Extra protection

With young users, accidents can happen, especially at school, where a smartphone might be passed from hand to hand. In fact, whichever phone you choose, it’s essential to protect it with a case and screen protector.

3. A reconditioned model

You shouldn’t spend too much on your teenager’s first smartphone, as it might easily be lost or stolen. To save money and get an effective device, it could be worth looking at websites specializing in reconditioned smartphones. They offer a wide range of models, all fully functional and guaranteed. Opting for a refurbished model is also a more environmentally-minded choice, prolonging the lifespan of an existing product, rather than buying a new model. On the other hand, it’s best to avoid online resale between private individuals.

How to keep your teen safe online

When giving a teenager their first smartphone, you can also opt to install a parental control system, or simply check their online activities regularly, including the time spent online and the list of most frequently used applications. In all cases, you need to make them aware of their responsibilities, and set limits if necessary.

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