6 foods to eat every week to lose weight



If you’re eating a single food thinking that it’ll melt your belly pooch, you’re mistaken. To melt the pounds, you can choose from many healthy diet options.

These food items can nourish you and assist you in your weight loss journey. When included in your weekly healthy meal plans, these foods can be an addition to your dietary requirements.

These food items are delicious and packed with fiber and protein to keep you satiated for longer. Let’s begin:

1. Chia seeds

Chia seeds stand true to their reputation of being a weight-loss-friendly food. To achieve weight loss, fiber is king. Chia seeds are so rich in fiber that adding roughly 2 tablespoons to your meals can make up for 40% of your daily fiber needs. When soaked, they are satiating, hydrating for the body, and keep us feeling fuller longer. Cutting back on calories becomes an easy task by consuming chia seeds often. You can sprinkle them on salads and make dates and chia energy balls too.

2. Eggs

The best and pocket-friendly diet option for weight loss is eggs. They are nutrient-dense and contain almost all nutrients. Elements like choline and vitamin D are found in the yolk and egg whites contain a whopping 4–6 grams of protein each. Although a higher consumption of eggs may raise the levels of LDL cholesterol, consuming a moderate amount of whole eggs is necessary. Eggs keep you full for longer which helps in maintaining a healthier weight.

3. Walnuts

Crunchy and nutritious, walnuts are the best sources of energy. In case you’re feeling peckish during the day, grab some walnuts instead of a burger or chips. Many studies have suggested that walnuts can literally activate your brain to control hunger and cravings. Don’t just eat them as a snack. Add them to your pasta dishes or sprinkle them over your salads for that nutty flavour.

4. Yogurt

Eating a protein-rich breakfast keeps you satiated for longer. This may help you resist hunger attacks throughout the day. To boost your health and curb weight fluctuations, eat yogurt. It’s delicious and consists of healthy fats, protein, and gut-friendly bacteria that are satisfying and delicious. The effect of the high-protein breakfast can last until evening and you’ll feel less urge to munch on sugary and fat-laden snacks.

5. Fish

Fish is one of the best sources of protein. Studies suggest that people striving towards weight loss felt fuller for longer when they consumed a higher amount of protein in their diet. The participants, who ate a high-protein diet with low-calorie intake, experienced fewer food cravings throughout the day and night. Fish should be consumed by weight watchers as the protein in it is metabolized at a slower pace than fats or carbohydrates.

6. Popcorn

Snacking may seem like a sin when you wish to trim that belly. But losing weight shouldn’t feel like giving up on food entirely. Did you know that munching on popcorn can help you lose weight? They consist of a good amount of fiber that makes it filling. But make sure to choose air-popped popcorn and not butter ones. Eat them at a slow pace, as you’re likely to start feeling full and not overdo it. Eating 2 cups of popcorn can make you reach a good fiber content in your diet.