It is very important to have friends in life.

They are the ones with whom you could discuss things you are uncomfortable sharing with your parents or family members.

Moreover, your best friends will always have your back and never leave you stumbling. Despite this, many times we have to break bonds with our best friends.

Here, 5 people share why they no longer talk to their best friend.

1. “She was constantly jealous of me”

My best friend was my sole lifeline while I was working in the city, far from my parents. Though she was caring and supportive, she was always jealous of me. She couldn’t express that to me directly, hence found different ways to do so. She used to undermine my success and constantly make me feel that I don’t deserve certain things. After a period of time, it became too toxic and I had to cut her out of my life.

2. “He promised to stay clean”

I used to stay with my best friend while pursuing MBA. Due to some personal reasons, he got into consuming drugs and even ended up in problems many times. Being his local point of contact there, it was me who always used to help him out. Once, he landed in big trouble and promised to never touch drugs again. However, he couldn’t stand by his words and I had to maintain my distance from him because his activities were affecting me as well.

3. ​“She ghosted everyone”

My best friend was always looking for new adventures. And she always used to discuss everything with me. But once, she planned out a completely new life, left her husband, moved to another city, and cut all her contacts with me. We had spoken just one day prior to that, and she didn’t say anything. This hurt me a lot and when she tried getting in touch with me around six months later, I didn’t speak to her.

4. ​“He cheated on me with my girlfriend”

We were childhood buddies and grew up together. We even gained new experiences with each other. Luckily, we landed jobs in the same city and became roommates. It was during that time I met my ex-girlfriend. We dated for over a year, but things didn’t work out eventually. The biggest shock came after my breakup when I got to know that my best friend and my ex were dating behind my back. I couldn’t handle the betrayal and left our house that night only. I haven’t ever spoken to him since then.

​5. “She used to treat me like her punching bag”

I met my best friend when I went to college. We were PG buddies and experienced our college together. However, she always used to vent her anger on me. Whether it was a fight with her boyfriend, an argument with her parents, or low grades – she used to take out her anger and frustration on me. I was immature at that time and didn’t know how to handle the situation. But after I graduated, I realized how toxic her presence was. I had to cut all ties with her to maintain my own sanity.